by Joel Weinstein, Editor Rotund World

Diógenes Ballester: Seeking Artistic and Creative Transnationalism

by Shifra M. Goldman

Preface to Ecounters with the Madama: Mythology and Reality in the Works of Diógenes Ballester, Francisco Sorribes Vaca, Paris, France 2003

by Dr. Gilberto Cardenas Assistant Provost and Director of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame

Record of Silences: Encounters, Mythology, and Reality in the Work of Diógenes Ballester

by Jorge A. Figueroa Irizarry, Guest Curator

Representatciones Teóricas de la Memoria en la Memoria Artistica de Diógenes Ballester

por Dr. Carlos I. Hernández Hernández, Historiador y Ensayista